Providing Outstanding Care for your MARES

Equine Quarantine Facility

C.E.M. at Brookside

“After importing several horses many years ago, I realized there was a New England need for a quality C.E.M. Quarantine Station for breeding stock. These horses need a pleasant environment to be boarded during the waiting period and testing of mares and stallions imported into the U.S.”

~Lyn Spinella, owner of Brookside CEM

Our well appointed four stall barn is a self contained quarantined area.

Due to the nature of C.E.M we can turn out horses daily, if requested.

The adjacent wood-fenced paddocks are completely separate from other horses on the farm.

Veterinary care is provided by Massachusetts Equine Clinic.

Brookside CEM is only a few miles from Route 146, making us easily accessible from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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